Project What have we done to each other?

My final-year student game project, What have we done to each other?, is a narrative game in which the player has to discover a family secret, exploring memories in the present and the past.

My main tasks in this project were : artistic direction (co-direction), character design (concept to modelling, rigging and skinning), supervising animations, lighting and post-process.
I also made the game poster.

The game is available on :

* All props were made by Maëlle Fanget, our environment artist (portfolio)
* Most of cutscenes and in-game animations were animated by Eleonore Dambre, our external animator (portfolio)

Game Poster

Gameplay video

Lighting and Post-process

In this Vertical Slice that we produced in 4 months, there are 4 distinguishable ambiances. I was charging to implement the lighting and the post-processing of all ambiances.